Report 23/6/17

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Report 23/6/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:45 pm

Still some great swordfish getting around out of Bastion Point with some ripper fish being taken. Most anglers heading south before venturing out wide into the canyons. A few boats also having success off the border canyons.

Plenty of kingfish and small tuna being taken trolling lures over the Star Banks and up towards Gabo. Fish have been out fairly wide with most boats taking fish in more than 100m of water.

The flathead have been slow depending on the anglers coming in. A few fish being taken in close at Talaberga, with fresh fish fillet strips working the best. Squid also working well.

Reef fishing has been great with plenty of pinkies, morwong and leatherjacket being taken. Drifting over isolated clumps with squid or pilchard baits have been the best way to catch these fish.

Gummy and school sharks around in good numbers. Drifting over the sand patches in between the deep reefs has been a great way to target these guys with some absolute monsters of 30kg being taken. Squid or large fish fillet baits the best baits to chase these guys.

A few seven gillers, bronzies and makos also turning up for anglers looking for something a bit larger in close. With the aid of a small burley trail fish large whole fish baits like salmon or trevally at various depths. (Close to the bottom for seven gill, mid water for bronzies and surface for makos). Best fishing has been straight off bastion in 50m of water.

Salmon run in full swing along the beach with plenty of fish being taken by anglers spinning the many gutters and holes on offer along the beaches. Smaller metals seeming to take the most fish but a suitable outfit able to cast decent distances is needed to cast far enough. Whole pilchards always a good option to try if the fish are a bit finicky.

Break wall producing plenty of variety with salmon and good numbers of tailor being taken for anglers spinning metal lures off the end. Bait fishers can expect to catch plenty of trevally, drummer and zebra fish using peeled prawns and the odd squid can also be taken for anglers using squid jigs.
Old harbour at Bastion producing a few bream and sand mullet on the high tide. Small pilchard cubes either fished weightless or on a small running sinker rig taking plenty of fish.

Main Jetties around the town taking plenty of fish. Main wharf producing luderick on mussels along with the odd bream. Coul's Inlet Jetties producing flathead and bream on soft plastics and the Fisheries Jetty and Fishing platforms taking trevally and flathead on pilchard cubes.
Harrison's Channel has been a good spot to chase bream. Bass yabbies fished on small lightly weighted running rigs have been taking plenty of good fish.

Bottom Lake has been the best spot for anglers using baits. Goodwin Sands, Allen's Head and Cemetery Bight all taking plenty of bream and flathead for anglers fishing with most baits.

Flathead fishing with lures taken a dramatic drop with only the odd fish being taken now the water has cooled down. Cape Horn still the best place to look if wanting to chase these fish.

Bream have been scattered throughout the deeper water. The Narrows, the Second Narrows, Double Creek, and Palmers Bank the spots to concentrate on. Vibes the stand out lure and when fished with long slow lifts have been almost irresistible to bream. Small soft plastics with lots of movement like grub or critter style lure taking plenty of fish also.

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