Report 20/4/17

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Report 20/4/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:38 pm

Sword fish still firing out wide with anglers taking a few this week. Deep dropping large whole baits like squid has been the way to go.
Kingfish have rocked up in some big schools during the last week with dozens of school fish being taken by anglers. The fish have been between Talaberga and the Arial's with a few also taken at Gabo. Trolling has been the best method but casting to fish on the surface has been working too.
Flathead still at Talaberga, yet again a few nice feeds of fish have come in. the trusty old pilchard cube being the stand out bait this week. Micro jigging also very effective on these guys with slow pitch jigs taking the better quality fish.

A few pinkies also getting around on the reefs but they are a bit of a wild card. Micro jigs and fresh squid have been taking the fish for the anglers lucky enough to find a school.

Gummy sharks a bit scarce with only the odd one coming in. the best bet is to try the pump shed off Gabo Island and use fresh baits like barracoota and salmon.

Beaches alive with salmon as they flock into the gutters as they do every winter. The fish have been very aggressive and respond well to most lures or baits thrown into the school. Locating the schools has been as easy and putting a dozen casts into each gutter before moving will see anglers come across the fish sooner or later.

Coul's Inlet providing some great fun on the flathead this week. A spell of warm clearer water has pushed into the inlet causing the flathead to bite hard. Try using small paddle style soft plastics to tempt these guys.

Harrisons Channel producing some great fishing with bass yabbies. Bream, luderick, whiting and flathead all coming in from anglers fishing the many sandy drop offs in the channel.

A few bream holding out deep off Goodwin Sands. Fish are starting to bite a bit better down here with a few more fish being taken compared to the last couple of weeks. Vibes, again the best tactic to target these fish. Try allowing the lure to sit on the bottom a little longer than usual as they have been taking the lure on the pause.

Flathead moving into the many small creeks and coves to chase the jelly prawns that have shown up in the last week or so. Try using small prawn style soft plastics of clear, slim hardbodies to chase these guys.

Trevally throughout the top lake with plenty of fish taken as by catch by anglers chasing bream and flathead. Soft plastics and vibes thrown in the same area as where the bream are should see a few trevally come aboard.

The rock walls and deep flats up near Cape Horn defiantly providing the best lake fishing this week with plenty of bream and flatties taken by anglers fishing soft plastics and vibes. Try sounding the fish up along the rock walls to find where they are.

The rivers have also been fishing well with plenty of bream lurking on any of the shallow flats up there. weightless soft plastics or hardbodies the best method to target them.

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