Report 12/7/18

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Report 12/7/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:28 pm

No action out wide this week with everybody catching fish fairly close to shore. Some good numbers of sand and tiger flathead to be taken out off Talaberga Island in 30-40m. These fish have been responding very well too salted pilchards and other oily fish baits. The fish have varied in size a lot so moving around until a school of bigger fish is located has been key.

Gummy sharks have still been biting but slowed a little. The Pump Shed at Gabo Island a good spot too try. Larger fish baits like strips of salmon working best. Try to drift as slow as possible to get the bite.

Bonito and salmon available in the washes at Gabo Island also. Trolling bibbed hardbodies and metal lures around the Island is a good way to find these fish.

Salmon still in great numbers for anglers to consistently target. The fish have dropped in size too around 40-45cm but have still provided some great fishing. Spinning metal lures in the many gutters along the local beaches on the incoming tide will see anglers catch a few of these hard fighting fish.

Bream can be caught at the rocks at Bastion Point as well on small strips of pilchard. Fishing with the aid of a berley trail will see these fish come right into the shoreline.

Plenty of big tailor at Lyre Bird Point. Anglers trolling metal lures along the rock walls will encounter a few of these fish. Many of which have been over a kilo.

Bream have been found schooled up out a bit deeper for anglers who sound around looking for the fish. Their location hasn’t changed with the majority of schools still at Fair Haven, the top end of The Narrows and the entrance to the Second Narrows (Smelly’s Inlet). Small black vibes and soft plastic grub style presentations working the best on these fish.

A few fish also at Gyspy Point for anglers wishing to fish land based. The many jetties up there have all had good numbers of bream frequenting the pylons and drop offs around them. Whole prawns or sand worms the best bait.

The odd salmon has also been taken at Tee Tree Point for anglers trolling lures at first light. These fish have been schooled here waiting for any sign of the lakes entrance to open. Small metal lures working best.

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