Report 20/2/18

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Report 20/2/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:26 am

A massive few weeks out off the continental shelf. The marlin action has been some of the best seen on the east coast with ridiculously high numbers for fish being raised, hooked and landed. The best fishing has come from northwards out wide from Gabo Island. Slow trolling live baits (mainly slimy mackerel) around the massive bait schools has been the way to get the fish. Trolling large skirts has also been working but the hook up rate is very poor compared to live baiting.

In closer the kingfish have still been fired up and angry. The main concentrations have been seen down south of the ramp towards Little Ram. Trolling lures has been a good way to find deeper schools of fish but by far the best way is to look for surface feeding schools of fish. Small metal lures with heavy duty single hooks cast into these schools before quickly retrieving has been the way to get onto these fish.

Gummy sharks numerous as always. The Pump Shed at Gabo Island is the most reliable spot to set a drift for these sharks. Fishing fish fillets like salmon or squid hoods on or close to the bottom has been the best way to chase these guys. Try using circle hooks as they tend to hook the sharks better and also help avoiding bite offs from other species like school, hammerhead, bronze whaler and mako shark which also frequent the same area.

Flathead have been wide of Bastion Point. 60m of water is the sweet area. They haven’t been fussy with most presentations being eaten. Double paternoster rigs baited with squid and pilchard are the easiest rigs but micro jigs have also been working. (Just be prepared to lose a few as the barracuda have been thick)

A few salmon and tailor moving through the gutters at Tip and Davis Creek Beach. Spinning metals is the best way to locate the schools. Keeping mobile and fishing multiple gutters has also seen better results.

The foreshore jetties and channels in the old entrance have been producing flounder and flathead. Prawns or small soft plastics a good way to land a few of these fish.

Fisheries jetty a hot spot for anglers chasing tailor. Half pilchards fished weightless into the channel working the best. A few garfish also frequenting these jetties. Berleying them and fishing with a small pencil float and cube of prawn working well.

Harrisons channel producing flathead and bream on bass yabbies. Whiting can also be taken here. Try fishing the drop offs and channels
throughout the channel.

Flathead numerous through the entire lake. Try fishing drop offs in 2m+ of water. The Narrows Palmers Bank, Goodwin Sands and CapeHorn all
great places to try. Prawn style soft plastics of around 100mm working best.

The best bream fishing has been seen in 3m of water at Goodwin Sands. Small soft plastic paddle and grubtails working the best. Natural colours working the best. The popular colour “motoroil” also a stand out.

Happy Fishing

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