Report 29/1/16

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Report 29/1/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:57 pm

The last few weeks are HUGE in fishing with many anglers having time off and getting a decent chance to get out a wet a line. Consequently, we have included pics in this report that span right through the period… a great way to get a snap shot of everything that people have been doing on their Christmas holidays!

In fact it’s a bit hard to know where to start but I’ll get into a few of the highlights for me and then we’ll go through the myriad images we have been sent through the period.

Gummy Shark – A terrific year for gummies with December fishing exceptionally well. We saw fish commonly caught up to 25kg but plenty were in their late teens. All the usual haunts fished well and it was pretty common for fishos to get 2 or 3 in a session these last few weeks. While the traffic has been busier during January, fishing at night has definitely improved the catch rates.
A lovely dawn gumbo taken on the sth channel.
Salmon – We have had some enormous schools of salmon in the RIP and just offshore this year. The size have been big both in numbers but also in the size of the fish with sambos between 3-4kg very common (this is big by Melbourne standards!). Trolling small skirts or divers on the ebb tide has proved the best way to get a few in the boat however, casting small stick baits and sinking stick baits has also become very popular.
Baz and the crew from Southern Sport and Game Fishing Charters have caught plenty of these big salmon (around the 3kg).
2PeninsulaKidSalmonWeb.jpg (34.53 KiB) Viewed 3683 times
Kingfish – early in the month the predominant action was on small rat kings offshore. Some of these were even mixed in amongst the schools of salmon, which we have not seen regularly in these parts. Most of the fish were taken trolling small skirted lures and a few fell to traditional hard bodies like xraps in size 15 or 20. As the month progressed however we have seen more people jigging in and around the RIP which has been producing some nice fish to 10kg with stories of much bigger fish lost. My money would suggest that the best king fishing is still yet to come with February having been the best month over the last couple of years.
Bruce Wallace and Jo Howes nailed kingy on an Xrap while trolling off Collendina.
3PeninsulaKingChick.jpg (25.29 KiB) Viewed 3683 times
Whiting – In my mind we have had a pretty good whiting season this year. Compared to the last two years, where many of our customers were complaining about their inability to find whiting, we have had a steady flow of fishos who have had good sessions. Of course everyone asks “where?” and the reality is that we have seen them caught all over the place – Rosebud, Tootgarook, the sisters, Mud Island, Portsea, Point Nepean, St Leonards – you name it they have been caught there.
Staff Luke Goldstein took these beauties over in westernport on the Quail bank.
Sharks – While it may take a few of the sharking crew a bit to return to Bass Strait sharking (after a terrible last few seasons) this has been the best shark fishing that we have seen in a while. There seem to have been an absolute plethora of blue sharks around but a good mix of makos have also been caught amongst them. No doubt the fact that arrow squid are in good numbers off shore is probably helping keep the predators around.
Nick Lazarevski took staff member Jules on his boat Reel Weapon. The boys had a ripper session raising 6 sharks including 4 blues, 2 makos. Great work in a reasonably short drift of only 3 hours outside the heads.
And if they sharks aren’t on – there are always Tiger Flatties. Peter Cook from the Mitcham Angling club missed two makos but still went home with this great feed of tigers.
Squid -In short squid has been remarkably consistent over the last month with a good mix of sizes. Most areas have fished well but it has paid to get our early or late and avoid the boat traffic.
Luke Goldstein managed some rippers fishing at Cat Bay in westerport. Some genuine quality cala there.
The Piers and the Minor Species – We saw plenty of pier action this month with gars and tommy rough found in relatively good numbers from the piers. It was good to see some of what I would call ‘sea gars’ the big fat ones – not just those tiny pencil size gars we often encounter.

Land based Anthony’s nose fished well for whiting with plenty of anglers using beach worm and banana prawn to good success.
Frank Christian took his nephew out for a quick fish at Rosebud where they landed a 39cm bream, a ripper catch. Bream are notoriously hard to tempt in this area – well done!
Devilbend Reservoir has been stocked with EPs and although they are not big (yet!) they are good fun on small surface lures like sugapens and bent minnows.
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