Report 7/7/17

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Report 7/7/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:52 pm

The Brisbane River is producing good fish at the port with some nice Snapper and Jew being caught. The Snapper are usually a bycatch when fishing for Jew and Threadfin Salmon. The best bait for the Threadfin and Jew is live Prawns and Mullet - even when fishing lures it is a good idea to have live bait in the water.

Some of the best lures have been Zerek Vibes and Z Man 7" Streakz. When fishing the Brisbane river, the options are endless. With some exploration the city reaches are good places to fish and you don't need a boat to fish this part of the river with so many jetty’s, boardwalks and ferry terminals. Fish these areas in the evening and targeting the light lines on the water quite often results in a Jew or Threadfin Salmon. Fishing the light lines on the water is to your advantage because the bait is attracted by the light and working a lure that looks like an injured bait fish in these areas will result in a fish. Fishing a run-out tide is the best time to fish the Brisbane river.

Squid and Cuttlefish on the weed beds throughout the Bay and the foreshores and jetty's. Yamashita squid jigs have been very popular with the Squid anglers. Goat island has fished well over the last fortnight with good catches of Snapper and Jew. The legal size for Jew is 75cm and a bag limit of 2 and 35cm for Snapper and bag limit of 4. With only one fish over 70cm it is easy to let the bag limits get away this time of year with so many fish being caught and remember it is in your possession which is in the freezer at home.

Diver Whiting are in good number in the Rous channel and Fisherman's gutter. The Chain Banks are well worth a look and may save you a little fuel if the fish are on the bite as they will quite often school up in this location. Best bait has been Blood Worms and Prawns and a little burly also helps.

This time of year is also a good time to troll hardbody lures for Snapper around the shallow reefs in the Bay at a depth 5-8 meters and the boat just in gear. The best lures are Zerek Ripper diver and Atomic 75 Shinner - it is advisable to remove the trebles and replace them with inline singles.

Sand crabs are still being caught in good numbers. It’s a little hard to believe we are in July and the crab catches are still good but it seems everything is a little late this year.

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