Report 29/9/17

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Report 29/9/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:27 pm

Estuary: Wallis Lake is absolutely frothing with fish activity at the moment! As day and water temperatures steadily increase so does the fishing action. Flathead have well and truly kicked into gear now which is perfect timing for the holiday crowd. Arguably the best eating local fish species (and most sustainable fish stock to touch), the good old Flathead is also fairly easy to fool for even the most amateur of fishermen. Soft plastics thrown about broken ground and drop offs on the last couple of hours of the run out tide are almost guaranteed to produce results. Soft vibes such as the Atomic Semi-Hardz Vib 75 or the now famous Samaki Vibelicious, while a little more pricey than traditional soft lures, will come into their own now as the water warms up. For the adrenaline junkies the surface activity is really starting to fire up throughout the system. Throwing small surface lures (up to 80mm) in the lower sections of the lake will almost certainly stir up the odd Bream, Big Eye Trevally, Silver Trevally (to 50cm!) or maybe even a Yellowtail Kingfish! We have had masses of Pilchards entering the estuary over the past week, so it is not surprising that Pilchards have been the standout Bream and Flathead bait. The Trumpeter Whiting continue to fish well up past ‘The Step’, once you sort out their feeding pattern you will fill your bag in no time.

Beaches: As eluded to earlier, there is a huge number of Pilchards around at the moment. The local beaches have been painted black with the large bait balls as they swarm along the coastline. With such a huge food source so readily available, it’s not surprising that there is also an abundance of predators in the local waters. As you have probably seen across most forms of media, Sharks are the dominant predator species feeding on the bait schools. This is fantastic news for the Land Based Game crew and they have made the most of this rare opportunity. Numerous fish (almost all Bronze Whalers) have been caught and successfully released over the past week. Shark fishing is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea though, luckily all the bait activity also seems to have kicked the local Mulloway into gear with some cracking fish to 15kg being taken from 9 Mile and Diamond Beaches. By far the prize for catch of the week goes to a visiting angler who is very keen on drone fishing. Targeting Sharks off 9 Mile Beach, he sent his bait out via his drone about 400m and in no time at all his rod went off with a nice solid take. After what felt like a ‘weird’, ‘sluggish’ fight he prepared himself to land what he thought was just a fat lazy Bronze Whaler but to his surprise he had managed to land a 41kg Cobia!

Rocks: Even with all the bait activity the local ledges continue to fish fairly poorly. The more known spots to the south have begun producing some nice little Mack Tuna and some solid Bonito but that is really about all I have to report unfortunately.

Offshore: Offshore fishing continues to produce some solid bags of fish. Once again Teraglin, Snapper, Pearl Perch and Flathead dominate most bags. One local managed to land a 55cm Venus Tusk fish from a very well-known reef to the north! Shane from Forster Sport and Game Fishing has had a great week of trips and believes it won’t be long and it will be time to push a little wider in search of a mighty Marlin or two, fingers crossed he is right and we score a cracking game season this year!

Enjoy your long weekend, it looks like we are in for some absolutely magic weather!

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