Report 31/8/15

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Report 31/8/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:35 pm

As it’s started to warm up the barra have started to fire up, with good reports coming in from both lure fisherman and the bait fishos. This time of year is great for heading out and chasing barra, while the water is still generally nice and clean, there are plenty of fish willing to take a well presented lure cast right into the strike zone around good structure. Smaller profile hard bodies that suspend are a great option with the lure able to be presented for an extended period ‘suspended’ right in front of the barras face, leaving them little choice but to strike. One little lure that's been working a treat is the Zeus by Strada, a very natural prawn imitation hard body.

Out in the bay there has been some promising reports of good numbers of nice grunters being caught in the recent weeks, a great sign as this time of year is when the grunters run in large numbers. By far the best bait and an old favourite for most is cuttlefish heads and whole baby cuttlefish. Grunters run through in waves, so anchoring on a spot and sitting out the tide until bite time is a good tip for grunter fishing as at the right point on the tide the fish will go on the chew in good numbers.

There has been a decent amount of good weather around recently that has allowed plenty of boats the chance to head out to the reef and chase a few reef fish, there has been plenty coral trout around in the shallows around the reef edges. On the shoals the average numbers of juvenile black marlin and sailfish getting around, the average size fish that hangs around the inshore shoals is 10-20kg, trolling skipping garfish and/or small pusher styles lures often gets the best bite out of billfish.

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Katherine Price was showing everyone how it was done when she converted her first ever billfish, this very nice sail, that would have been a very nice surprise while mackerel fishing.

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