Weekly Report 4 Oct 13

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Weekly Report 4 Oct 13

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 04, 2013 12:18 am

Great reports are coming from anglers barra fishing in the fresh water reaches of the Ross River. Using lures has been the best method particularly because there is a lot of weed around and you can look for gaps in the weed cover to work your lure. Soft plastics are good options to be using as they can be rigged weedless to minimise catching weed on your hooks. The squidgy fish and the Stanley thumpin mullet are two proven choices to be using. The barra in the fresh water can be of good size with fish over the 1 metre mark not too uncommon although they are not the best eating quality and it is recommended they are let go to catch another day. There are also a few reasonable flathead getting landed along the beaches from anglers fishing at the high tide. Using fresh bait such as prawn and yabbies is the way to go with a bunch of other quality fish getting landed when bait fishing as well. Whiting, large bream and grunter have all been getting caught which are great fun on the lighter tackle and in particular to get the kids into some fishing action.

The inshore areas have been going great at the moment with plenty of nice barra still getting caught from anglers using a variety of different techniques. Trolling larger lures has been producing the larger barra in the deeper water. Lures such as the 150 scorpion, barra classic 120 and the strada tera 120 are all proven producers just choose your diving depth depending on where you are fishing. There are more and more anglers using sinking soft plastics for barra with great success and this technique works excellent when used correctly. The transam is a popular lure for this style along with the gulp and squidgy soft plastics. Sinking them to the bottom and jigging them back is the way to do it and this can see some monster threadfin salmon getting landed too. The grunter have been on the chew in the bay and at the mouths of the larger river mouths seem to be the better spots to be fishing for them. Fresh slab baits and squid are ideal for the bigger grunter and rigged on a sharp optia 4/0 hook you will be ready for the bigger grunter which have been around.

The offshore fishing has had plenty of pressure over the last few weeks of ideal weather with some top reports flowing in although recently we have heard of it being a little slower. Those that fished for coral trout in the shallower water have found it a bit tough with moving between spots what has been required to get a reasonable catch of fish for the day. The red throat emperors have still been fairly consistent though saving the day on some occasions. In terms of mackerel they have been getting caught more at the reefs with the inshore shoals a bit hit and miss with not many fish around or hammer time with mackerel everywhere. Trolling around the reefs with baits such as gar and slimy mackerel is the better method to catch a few mackerel and rigging them on a wog head adds a little spice to your offering to entice a bite from any tentative fish.

Fishing the creeks this weekend targeting a few of the barra which have been around would be a rewarding option. Alternatively fishing with fresh dead baits at the river mouths for grunter would be plenty of fun as well.

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