Weekly Report 26 Sep 13

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Weekly Report 26 Sep 13

Post by Brad » Thu Sep 26, 2013 4:36 pm

Steady catches are continuing from land based anglers and some quality fish have been reported. A favourite spot for Barra fishers is Aplins weir and anglers have been landing nice size Barra using a variety of techniques. Probably the most popular and at times most effective is live baiting and using mullet and herring is seeing Barra’s caught. Rigging one livie under a float and one on a running sinker should put you in with a top chance with both levels of the water column covered. Fishing along the break walls is also seeing some good fish caught with Barra, trevally and the odd larger queenfish getting landed.

This is a top spot for land based fishing with the rocks of the wall itself providing plenty of cover for predators to hide in and attract large schools of bait as well. Looking for any bait skipping along the wall is a good indication that there might be a larger fish feeding below and that is where you should be fishing. Casting and retrieving shallow to medium diving lures along the wall is an ideal method to target these larger fish. Working your lure along the edges of the rocks can draw more strikes with the fish darting out from the cover of the rock to smash your lure. Having a steady drag setting is recommended as this will see you in with a better chance of pulling them out from the cover.

The Barra fishing is staying consistent with these chrome beauties best targeted at rivers such as the Bohle and the Haughton from recent reports. Casting soft plastics
is catching them in the snags with prawn styles doing great. Fishing the snags when there is less run in the tide makes it easier to get your lure down to the right area and you get better results also. On the change of the tide when the current is less that is when you should be fishing the better looking structure to get the best results. Good mangrove jacks are another species getting caught in numbers and targeting them up the smaller side creeks with plenty of structure is where you should have success. Luring with smaller hard bodies and in particular lures that are red seem to get much more attention. Also using mullet flesh baits and smaller poddy mullet and herring as live bait are sure to see you get smashed by a nice size jack. A smaller bait hook is recommended for jacks with a 3/0-5/0 size in a wide gap ideal.

The weather has been kind to us lately and this is seeing some excellent reports of reef fishing coming through with good catches of fish coming from far and wide. The wonderful eating red throat emperor has been in almost plague proportions with anglers finding it easy to catch good numbers of these fish which have been of top quality. Try focusing your time in the shallower reef waters of 20-35m to target the lippers and this depth should ensure a mixed bag of coral trout and other reef
species. The deeper water which is favoured by the larger red emperor and nannygai has been fishing well also with the anglers which have found the schools of these
fish not having trouble getting them to bite. Looking for shoaly areas that have a good amount of life sounding up on the bottom are prime spots to start fishing for
reds and dropping down a big bait should see you hooked up in a small amount of time of you are in the right spot.

Weather depending taking the boat offshore chasing reef species such as red throat emperor and coral trout should prove rewarding. Alternatively targeting a few of the arra which have been biting in the rivers should be a very rewarding plan B.

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