Weekly Report 18 Apr 13

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Weekly Report 18 Apr 13

Post by Brad » Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:18 pm

Some chilled out conditions have resulted in great land based fishing along the rocky headlands and beaches surrounding Townsville. There has been plenty of trevally getting caught along the beaches on small poppers and soft plastics. Waking up early and walking along Pallarenda beach casting at any bait on the surface can provide hours of fun with a few decent size grunters getting landed also. The rock pool along the strand is producing a few better fish recently including Barra, jacks and the occasional fingermark.

Using live bait is a very effective way to get into the action and baits such as mullet and herring usually don’t last too long. Rigging them on a dropper rig is recommended as you can get snagged quite easily amongst the rocks so having your bait suspended up off the bottom will reduce this dramatically. Using lures does work quite well amongst the rocks; medium diving lures are your best choice. Models such as the Yo-Zuri crystal minnow deep and the Koolabung live bait are good choices. The water has been fairly clear so opt for natural colours that include silvers and gold as these are much more appealing to a fish feeding in the clearer water. Soft plastics such as the D.O.A prawn are also a good option with the slow sink imitating the action of a prawn perfectly.

Calmer conditions have allowed for anglers to fish exposed and open areas such as Cape Cleveland and the open mouths of larger river systems with quality results.
Trolling deeper diving minnows along ledges and around areas of bait has been an effective technique to score a few fish. Bigger Barra, fingeramark, salmon and the
odd pelagic have been the main species getting landed. Rocky out crops that are positioned along Cape Cleveland are ideal areas to cast into whilst still getting results. When fishing these areas it won’t hurt to use a big lure that can be 130mm plus in size as you will often source out the bigger fish and using a lure that is much bigger than normal can entice a bite from fish that would usually not feed as well.

Anglers that have been casting into the snags have reported steady catches in the form of nice size mangrove jacks along with good quantities of Barra’s. From reports there has been plenty of just undersize Barra getting caught and it is great practice to handle this fish carefully and release them back to the water as efficiently as possible. It also pays to have an accurate measuring device in the boat if you plan on keeping a few as you want to be 100% sure that they are of legal size.

A weekend forecast that looks ideal should hopefully allow for the many keen reef fishermen to get out there and into some action. The deeper shoaly areas that are
situated around most of the reef systems have been very productive with quality red emperor making their presence felt among anglers spending their time in the deeper
water. It is a good idea to use big tough baits for these fish to get through the pickers that seem to be always prevalent. Cuttlefish heads and slab baits are ideal and rigged on a decent size hook 8/0-10/0 you are ready for that big fish to come along, getting it to the surface is the other obstacle to overcome! Those that have trolled a few lures around have been coming across an increasing amount of Spanish mackerel around the 6-12kg school size.

These are excellent eating at that size and are a welcome addition to any days fishing. In the shallower water closer towards the reef systems healthy numbers of coral trout are turning up and fresh bait is always a safe option to land a few of these beauties. Often you will get the most of the action within the first 30 minutes on a spot so keep moving around and try drifting to have a chance of getting amongst better numbers. Coral trout are also an ideal target for soft plastics and if you haven’t tried for them before on lures you should definitely give it a go. The very effective Gulp range as well as the Squidgy flick baits and curl tails are proven fish catches when rigged on a suitable weight jig head.

Weather permitting this weekend spent out on the water fishing the shoals and on the reefs targeting a few coral trout whilst having a crack at landing a red emperor
should prove enjoyable.

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