Weekly Report 14 Mar 13

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Weekly Report 14 Mar 13

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:01 pm

A few of the land based areas littered through Townsville have been rewarding anglers with some nice fish getting caught. The lakes turned up some exciting tarpon action in the late afternoons and just as the sun was rising in the morning. Small surface lures such as the Strada poppers and the ever popular buck tail jig are perfect lures to be using when chasing these tarpon. Using a rod with a nice light tip will be much better for this style of fishing as it will cast the smaller lures much further and give them a great little action. There has been some good size barra getting caught along the beaches recently on live baits as well. Rowes bay and up to Pallarenda have been producing the goods and on the run in tide up to the top is the better time to have your live baits in the water. Try score bigger size mullet and garfish and only use a light weight sinker on a dropper rig and the bait will keep alive for longer. A few nice salmon have made up some of the by catch along these beaches also which are a great fighting fish. If you are lucky enough to hook a big barra along the beaches you can fight them a lot easier in the open water and taking it easy whilst still keeping a tight line will ensure the fish is landed.

The Hinchinbrook channel that is situated to the north of Townsville saw many anglers fishing it over the past week and with reasonable success. The mouths of the larger creeks received plenty of current and this provided hours of fun on schools of trevally and queenfish. This type of fishing is relatively easy as all you have to do is look for any bust ups or bait schools on the surface then cast towards them. Areas that make small eddies off to the side of the main current flow are also worth a cast at. The lures to use are small metal slices in the 40gm size, the larger 14 gram Koolabung blade and also poppers. Simply cast into the bait schools let your lure sink for a few seconds and start winding fairly quickly. These schools of fish are great fun and make an excellent start if you are just getting into the game of using lures. Fishing on the lower stage of the tide at a few of the larger drains has also proved productive in landing some nice barras along with a good number of quality mangrove jacks.

With a bit of wind on our doorstep it has restricted a few anglers from heading offshore with the inshore areas getting the majority of attention. Although the anglers that have been lucky enough to get a bit of reef fishing in they have reported it being exceptional. The deeper shoal areas between the reefs such as keeper and grub have been alive with life producing a big mixed bag of fish. Good numbers of nannygai and red emperor have been hitting the decks along with an almost endless amount of spangled emperor which keep the bites coming throughout the trip. In the shallower water around the reef the coral trout have been a little quite but they have made way for quality catches of red throat emperor which is just about as good as a nice coral trout. The temperatures have been dropping ever so slightly and this has seen a few more mackerel getting caught so if you are out on the water do a bit of trolling or if at anchor cast a pillie out and you might be quite surprised on what you catch.

Weather depending heading around the inshore areas jigging on bottom structure targeting a few nice fingermark would be a good option. Alternatively a day up the creek targeting some of the nice jacks that are getting caught should provide some great action.

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