Weekly Report 23 Dec 11

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Weekly Report 23 Dec 11

Post by Brad » Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:33 am

With the festive season now in full swing many have a bit of time off and grabbing the rod and reel and going for a land based fish is on the cards. With the fishing staying consistent you are in with a chance at a few different fish with various species on offer. Mangrove jacks have been making up the majority of catches with fish being caught on both bait and lures. The causeway on Boundary Street is a great family spot and securing some fresh and live bait should see you into some action. The lakes are also a great spot and changing your technique to use lures such as smaller soft plastics and poppers have proven to be effective. Tarpon, jacks, giant herring, bream and flathead are all fish that can be caught in the lakes. Ross creek has shown a few anglers no mercy of late also with some good size cod and jacks making quick work of light line fishers. In the early morning surface lures are a good option and the Strada Zeida stick bait a favourite, casting along rock walls and over sunken structure ensures you are in with the best chance to get a strike.

Healthy catches of mangrove jacks are flowing in from the creeks as well and casting diving lures is a successful method to try. Bibbed lures that dive to 2-3m are ideal in the timber and using a leader of 40lb plus is recommended. There has been some nice fingermark getting caught at Hinchinbrook channel of late and finding some deeper water and using soft plastics such as the gulp range and the bigger Koolabung blades is proving productive. Keeping an eye on the sounder and focusing your efforts around bait schools and rocky ledges to target these fingermark with lures whilst also drifting rather than anchoring. Live bait is also a very productive method for targeting fingermark and rigging them on a dropper rig will allow for the bait to be presented naturally. Using a decent size hook of 6/0 to 8/0 depending on the size of the bait and enough weight to keep it put on the bottom is ideal. A few decent size trevally have been caught too which give a good account for themselves but are best as catch and release species due to their eating quality.

The winds have been slightly calmer in the recent mornings and a few anglers have fished around the islands with reasonable success. Throwing poppers has scored the odd smaller GT but still an awesome buzz as the surface strikes are intense and exciting. There has been some nice size coral trout caught around the islands too and soft plastics like the bigger Z man grubs in the brighter colours have been working well rigged on a lighter jig head. Influxes of grey mackerel have been around also and a simple pilchard rigged on a set of gangs is enough to catch a few of these. If you enjoy a bit more of a sporting approach them a small slice cast and retrieved around likely areas can prove very enjoyable with the strikes fast and furious. The grey mackerel in particular can be quite picky when it comes to the size of the metal slice you use it must be very close to the size of the bait fish there are feeding on.

With Christmas on the way having a few rum balls and enjoying the Christmas ham sounds pretty good to me but hopefully you can test your new rod and reel out and heading around to a few land based spots would be a great option.

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