Weekly Report 17 Sep 10

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Weekly Report 17 Sep 10

Post by Brad » Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:39 pm

There have been plenty of big jacks available at the moment if you’re willing to do some foot work. The upper reaches of the Bohle first thing in the morning with surface lures has tempted some big jacks and good numbers of rat barras. For the adventurous the lower reaches of the Bohle has seen some monster fish hooked but not landed, but I’m sure it wont be long before the photos start coming in. The rock pool on the strand during the calm weather really fired and there’s has been plenty of school mackerel caught on floating pilchards and also metal slices. It seems the school mackerel in general has improved and if the weather doesn’t blow up too much, Id expect them to hang around a bit longer. Those fishing from the weirs recently have found some good activity just on dusk, with fizzers the most exciting way to get a bite. There’s plenty of rats on offer but if your patient I have heard of a couple of big girls over the metre mark getting caught.

There’s been plenty of action in the creeks of late, with the hot humid conditions causing a swift rise in water temp waking up many species from their winter slumber. Barra in particular have really made their presence known and have been very aggressive towards live mullet and hard bodied lures. The warmer water has seen the barra travel metres out from the security of the snags to take a well presented lure. Another species that’s been sorely missed over the winter months has been the grunter, and Morrissey’s has produced some really good fish of late along with the Bohle and the Barrattas. Speaking of the Bohle, one reliable source has informed me that there has been some good fingermark around 50cm caught in the deeper holes on live prawns in the still of the night. With the recent new moon the prawns have been of good size and thick in the Bohle not only making great live bait, but also a good feed.

With a few good days of weather behind us, there has been a plethora of reports coming from local reefs and shoals. Maggie shoals is still producing some excellent red fishing of a night time with the early morning change of tide bringing the fish on the bite. Reef reports have been very consistent with great red throat and trout coming from well fished reefs like Davies and the Slashers group. While the bottom fishing seems to speak for itself, the mackerel fishing has been a little patchy, but when you find them they seem to be in good numbers. From what I hear the wrecks in the bay failed to produce any excitement besides undersized small mouth nannygai and oversized sharks (one of which owes me 200m of 80lb braid). A little closer inshore there’s been a few die hard fingermark anglers dusting off the rods and reels in angst of what may be a cracker chopper season. Of late there have been some promising reports of good fingermark coming from Cape Cleveland. We should hear a lot more of these reports over the summer months. Popular grounds off the Burdekin such as Coconut shoals once again have been producing big numbers of grunter and fingermark for those willing to round up some live herring.

For something different try an early start around Maggie Island for some squid. Believe it or not, Maggie Island has a healthy population of squid around its rocky headlands and weed beds with some monster ones on offer. Make sure you take an assortment of colours with your squid jigs, as squid can be really fussy when it comes to colour.

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