Weekly Report 16 Jul 10

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Weekly Report 16 Jul 10

Post by Brad » Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:10 pm

It seems the recent drop in water height in the weirs has helped a few anglers find some good fish, with some recent reports of barra taking a liking to both hard bodies and soft plastics. In particular the humble frog has been working a treat with a really slow twitch from heavy cover doing most of the damage. For those who love the surface action, try winding the frog briskly over the surface concentrating your casts around lily pads and shallow weedy areas. Keep the frog moving and don’t stop on a strike, its all about spontaneity. This has to be one of the most exciting ways to catch a barra as it’s so out of character to see a barra bow wave towards your insignificant frog! The veterans that call the strand jetty home have told me of a recent increase in good barra being caught over the past week. Live herring has been the undoing of many barra off the jetty with most fish averaging 75cm, which is a really good bite for this time of year on fish baits.

Overcast and windy conditions confused not only anglers but obviously the fish as well, with reports very patchy and inconsistent. Lure enthusiast have struggled to raise good fish of late with only small fish landed, and only in a half hour window during the course of a days fishing. We all know how hard that can be sometimes, but it gives you something to look forward to next trip. Most success has come from live prawns set deep into submerged timber, with 3 or four prawns on one hook the best way to tempt the big fish. The upper reaches of the Haughton River has been fishing best along with notorious snags up Barrumbush Creek, with anything other than live prawns a waste of time. If your quiet enough and sneak up on the snags towards the mouth of the Haughton, you may be lucky enough to throw some small soft plastics at the schools of big black bream that are there at the moment. The bream have been co-operative of late with both peeled prawn baits and artificials working a treat.

Yesterday was the first day in a while where I woke up to glassed out conditions outfrom the strand, and this morning saw my first decent offshore report come in. An eager angler ventured out past magnetic Island and was mind blown by the amount of bait in the area. Upon closer inspection and after a short troll, the rod buckled over and a cracker Spaniard around 12kg was landed. Soon after the mackerel started busting up the bait on the surface and as far as the eye could see was mackerel mayhem. They ended up boating 5 nice Spaniards and left them chewing. Funny how rough weather, and a break from recreational fisherman can influence the fish’s behaviour so much. Also one solid reef report from Lodestone reef, with good large mouth caught from nearby shoals at night and plenty of coral trout snared from up in the shallows. Also a dawn troll run saw the Spanish mackerel thick as thieves, which may be a sign the Spaniards are back on!

I know what you’re thinking, not another suggested spot in the creeks or land based… I have to agree, it may time to muscle up and do the dash across the paddock and hide in behind Maggie Island. There is always some kind of protection from the wind in areas like west point and even near Horseshoe bay when it’s blowing a westerly. Try trolling small minnows for both doggy and Spanish mackerel, and if you troll over any structure in the area or a chance at a nice fingermark.

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