Weekly Report 7 May 10

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Weekly Report 7 May 10

Post by Brad » Fri May 07, 2010 11:23 am

Calm early morning conditions has seen few doggy mackerel becoming more abundant amongst inshore areas with the strand jetty and casino rockwall producing many undersized fish, which means the bigger ones aren’t too far away. With the water clearing up there have been a few good bream, jacks and barra caught in the Ross River of late with small poppers worked on the low tide most productive. The lakes has been a little slow of late but I’m waiting on reports of the winter bream to circulate, as it is the on of the best locations for bream in winter. Small Koolabung blades, gulp wrigglers and flick baits are deadly on catching winter bream, but are not shy to hit bibbed lures as well. The weirs should start to slow down soon but there has been some good activity early in the morning and right on sunset. Surface lures have been working best with long pauses in between tweaks crucial to luring a strike.

Surprisingly the wind first thing in the morning has been very light with beautiful winter skies becoming the norm in recent days. Many who live close to the beach have kept an eye on the water and have worked out that there is a small window til about 9am to get out for a fish in glassed out conditions. Paluma shoals a mere 10 min boat trip from Saunders beach has produced some cracker coral trout of late, with the best fish measuring 80cm. Also good size grass sweetlip have been on the chew along with some ripper cod around 3kg also landed. The shipping channel has also continued to produce good numbers of doggy mackerel with metal slices cast tight near pylons doing the damage. In local creeks the reports of big black bream nailing hard bodied lures is a sure sign winter is on the way. The bream can be seen laid up near the surface often belting lures as soon as it hits the water. DOA prawns never last long either and the bream will often have multiple strikes until hooked. There have been a few good barra and jacks caught over the weekend with live prawns starting to out fish live mullet. This should be the ongoing trend as we approach winter.

You guessed it! Another week of windy weather saw many hide inshore and up creeks for the predators comp. The fortunate ones with boats big enough to bully the big swells did say that the fishing was a little slow, but they still managed to boat a few good fish. Although there weren’t many coral trout on the chew the ones that came aboard made a good account of themselves. There were some excellent red throat about and the spanish mackerel proved a little more difficult than first expected with most fish falling to trolled lures. Early last week there were a few reports of some excellent large mouth nannygai coming from evening sessions on Maggie shoals. Fish averaging the 6-8kg mark were caught using fresh fillet baits kept just off the bottom on a paternoster rig. Early morning trips to the shoals also saw plenty of spanish mackerel around 6kg caught with trolled garfish and trolled lures. It’s good to see the smaller Spaniards in good numbers, as it’s only a matter of time before we see the 15 to 20kg specimens terrorizing the shoals and headlands.

Looks like another weekend of strong south easterly winds, preventing an offshore fishing fix. But for something different try exploring some of Townsville freshwater area’s for sooty’s. Area’s such as the upper reaches of the Haughton and also Keelbottom creek can produce some excellent sooty’s and is a pleasant change from the coastal winds. Small minnows and Koolabung blades work best. Look for snags or fast flowing water to cast lures for best results.

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