Weekly Report 11 Mar 10

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Weekly Report 11 Mar 10

Post by Brad » Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:47 am

The weirs continue to produce some good size barra for those willing to put in the time and effort to cast lures above and below the weirs. Sunrise and sunset is definitely the best time to concentrate your efforts and many are having the most success with shallow running lures and large soft plastics. Land based anglers fishing from the beach at Bushland Beach have had plenty of success using slabbed mullet flesh tempting good size blue salmon. Those using live baits are finding the odd barra, but it’s the size of the fish that makes them well worth the wait, with fish well into the 90cm range not uncommon. Locals walking the flats off Balgal Beach say the good weather and ideal tides created a small window to sight cast fish in the clear water. Barra, mangrove jacks and golden trevallys have been caught on hard bodies and soft plastics. Although soft plastics have been the most effective technique worked dead slow getting far more bites.

Believe it or not but the crabbing has peaked over the last week with the best crabbing coming from Cleveland bay. One report told of 13 crabs in one pot with all of them bucks and of legal size. Other reports of anglers reaching 20 legal bucks in a sitting have been common, but you have to find your own spot away from the pro pots to have any luck. The Bohle is still the consistent producer since the wet with some massive barra caught in very shallow water on live baits. It seems fishing the upper reaches of the Bohle is definitely better than area’s near the mouth, but this could all change when the system returns to normal. Those trolling lures in Morrissey’s have come face to face with monster barra near the metre mark smothering the brag mat, with many more being hooked and jumping themselves to freedom. The surface of the water looked inactive and quiet, but below the surface was a totally different scenario. Lures rarely travelled far before getting some kind of attention.

Weekend reports suggest that the overall fishing on the reef was quiet with many putting in overnight and day sessions with little to show for it. Those chasing reds overnight on average found fishing very slow with some only boating a couple of red throats for a full nights fishing. Fishing during the day wasn’t much better with only the lucky ones coming home with maybe 3 trout and the odd red throat. The best report came from out wide off the shoals and drop offs where metal jigs and slices were bounced near the bottom with success. 9 legal trout were boated for a day’s effort, along with an assortment of other species like red throat, coronation trout and trevallys. Two of the trout weighed in at around 7kg’s and found a 150 gram metal jig irresistible. Next time your out at the reef, give jigging a go. The key is to keep close contact with the bottom and mix up your action. Majority of the time a fast rip of the rod tip then allowing the jig to settle will encourage a strike, and other times a more erratic action will get a bite. Be creative and give it a go. On this particular day soft plastics were out fished by the metals but can be just as effective on the right day.

Big tides and a windy weekend ahead may make fishing a little difficult for this weekend, but there are a few locations that are still fishable. Look at going right up Crocky creek early and fish the run out tide in any holes or junctions with live bait. But make sure you drop the crab pots off near the mouth on the way and with any luck you might return home with a feed of fish and crabs.

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