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Report 18/10/18

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:19 am
by Nicole Penfold
Hi everyone it looks like a great weekend to head offshore with winds forecast around 10 knots with seas under a metre. Great tides and some good reports lately should make for some exciting fishing.

Creeks, Rivers & Beaches
The rain should really get the bait moving in the creeks and rivers and with the good reports lately from most of the systems in and around Townsville there should be plenty of opportunities this weekend. In particular there has been good numbers of quality Barra and finger-mark being caught with both live baits and lures.

Sonny caught this quality mud crab on a hand line while fishing off Maggie Island.
2TvilleMud.jpg (17.96 KiB) Viewed 1113 times

The usual live baits have been working well but one in particular that seems to be producing of late is the humble mud hearing. In terms of lures the vibe style lures continue to catch plenty and one in particular that has been on fire of late is the Madness Vibe.
Along the beaches there have been reports of big queen-fish smashing up bait fish. When you see this happening the perfect lure for the job is any surface lure that can be worked to mimic a fleeing garfish.

Brock was flicking a few soft plastics around the mouth of the Ross when this fingermark screamed off with one.
1TvilleFinger.png (59.28 KiB) Viewed 1113 times

The rain should see the weir barra start to move and there should be some nice fishing caught over the next few days. Don’t forget you need a SIPs permit if you intend to fish any of the Weirs in the Ross River.

Nicholas had a real fight on his hands to land this monster Barra.
2TvilleBarra.png (105.63 KiB) Viewed 1113 times

Offshore & Bay
The guys from Northern Conquest Charters have been reporting good catches of coral trout and red throat emperor up close against the reef in about 20 metres of water. The deeper shoals have also been producing some nice fishing at night with plenty of quality large-mouth willing to take squid baits particularly around the change in the tide. There have been some great reports from guys adding a small water activated flashing light too their rigs. The guys from Optia have just brought out some great water activated led lights that have been doing the trick of late.

The headlands around Cape Cleveland and Cape Upstart have been fishing quite well for monster queen fish in recent weeks and this rain is sure to get them even more fire up. Casting poppers and stick baits around the pressure points produced by current and structure is the prime spot to encounter these fighting machines.

The grunter catches have continued with some nice fish being caught throughout the bay in recent weeks. Squid strips and large prawns have been working well on these very nice table fish. Once again the key to catching big grunter is very light or no pressure on your line. This can be down using a bait runner reel or by fettering your line off your reel with the bail arm open; this can be a little tricky but with some practice does work well.

Mixed reports underwater this week, with the best reports coming from those who put the time in around the reefs and hard edges. Although a few boats have ventured out wide targeting pelagic species there hasn’t been huge amounts reported back. They reefs off Townsville have some excellent visibility at the moment and keen Spearo’s have been getting good consistent numbers of Trout and Jacks off Loadstone in that 15-20m depth.

With the weather looking like it’s going to hold out a while longer yet it’s only a matter of time before we start to see BIG Dogtooth being captured locally.

If you are heading out over the weekend - all the best, take care and never take more than you need.

Cheers Cam
Danny & the Tackle World Team
Tackle World Townsville (07 4725 1266)
Domain Central, Townsville, QLD 4814

Re: Report 18/10/18

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:47 am
by Lance55
Just new on here and moving to Townsville from Kalbarri in WA.
Ill be dropping in soon to pick some brains and grab some gear.