Report 22/3/18

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Report 22/3/18

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Hi everyone it looks like there could be a few shows over the weekend which should get the crabs and prawns moving. And even better news early next week we might even see the winds drop out.

The odd drop of rain has been good for the creeks and rivers with good reports of crabs being caught throughout the bay and most of the creeks running into Bowling Green Bay. The first few hours of the run out tide often produce the better crabs so make sure you set your pots during this time to take advantage of this. It’s also worth mentioning that the creeks and rivers either side of the Burdekin are starting to see good numbers of crabs in particular both Plantation and Ocean creeks to the South.
The Barra have also been playing the game with some nice fish caught in recent days with the Bohle River and most of the systems in and around Townsville fishing quite well at the moment. Both live bait and soft plastics seem to be the best option of late. The best bite times this weekend look like being during the few hours from 6 to 8 both in the morning and evenings. If you haven’t already heard the Burdekin Barra Rush is on this weekend with the presentation at the back of Coutts Commercial Tavern at 4.30pm on the Sunday.
There has also been some nice Threadfin Salmon around lately also with vibe style lures working the best on these nice fish. Both Cattle and Taylors seem to be the hot spots for these fish in recent weeks. The Hinchinbrook has also been producing a few of these fish with the flats towards the Cardwell end of the channel the better option of late.
Craig hit the Bohle in search of some Barra and he wasn’t disappointed with this very nice fish.
TownsBarra22318.jpeg (24.02 KiB) Viewed 3348 times
Fingers crossed early next week the winds might drop out and allow for some offshore trips but until then we don’t have too much to report on the reef and or pelagic fishing this week.
Damien had a ball landing a bunch of quality fish like these two red emperor on a recent offshore trip.
TownsEmperor22318.jpg (34.83 KiB) Viewed 3348 times
Cathy spent the day fishing Maggie shoals when this horse of a nannygai took off with her bait.
TownsNanny22318.jpeg (25.79 KiB) Viewed 3348 times
Dive Report
Fortune favours the bold… This was certainly the case for our mates from Palm Island who ventured out last week to dive Trunk & Britto. Their efforts were rewarded with a good esky full of good sized Coral Trout and Spanish Macks. The fish were found on the Northern corners of the reefs on the bigger incoming tide, with the larger fish on of the day being found in the 15+m mark.
Spanish Mackerel were also seen in big numbers off Lodestone Reef, although they were all reported to be smaller in size (less than 5-6kg). Local spearo’s that got out found condition less than ideal for traveling, but the visibility was surprisingly good, with vis reports of 20+ meters on our closest reefs.
Unfortunately the coast visibility been average at best, this was not enhanced with the big tides recently. But for the savvy dives who know how to find pockets of cleaner water in sheltered bays good feeds of crays have been taken from the Island and the Cape.
The weather is going to open up a window for us early next week, so after too much time on the mainland, most of us should be able to go get out for a dive. If you haven’t already come in and see us at Tackle world and get your gear sorted so you’re ready to go, but as always Dive safe and never take more than you need.

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