Report 13/7/15

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Report 13/7/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Jul 15, 2015 3:08 pm

Fitzroy River
All action from the 400 mtr mark in the center of town down to Thompsons point, with crabs still on the chew, this has been a bit of a pain for the guys using live baits for the threadfin salmon as the crabs are eating the livies before the salmon have a chance to find them. Still some good size salmon being caught in town and at Nerimbera. Big herring have been the best baits along with good fresh prawn, the guys using lures have been getting a few barra along with salmon , hopping vibes still the preferred style for most fishing the rock piles and rock bars in town, it has been especially good to hear some good grunter have been caught as well. It would be certainly worth a fish in the river this week if you’re keen, it will be cool but that will get the bream going and they will be around those rock piles at Nerimbera for sure. Best baits are mullet fillets as well as the good old prawn.

Corio Bay
Time to shine for the bay. This month will be one of the best for the year as the water cools even further, bream, flathead, salmon, whiting, dart, queen fish are all on offer for those willing to brave the cccchilly conditions. A quick half an hour on the yabbie pump will get the blood flowing and you will be right for the rest of the day, as soon as the coat comes off you know you’re right to go. The gutters at the front of Deep Creek are always a favorite for the whiting fisherman and some big flathead come from the same spot on the run in tide. Solairo always produces a salmon on the run out tide but of late there have also been some good size bream in the snags best fished on the top of the tide as the water gets pretty dirty at the bottom of the tide due to the fresh still coming down the creek don’t expect it to clean up any time soon. The tan coloured water has not put the fish off and there have been good size grunter caught all the way up the creek as far as the top landing which suits the guys with no boat as you can fish from the bank up there quite comfortably with rod holders supplied.

Port Alma
Still a favorite in the winter for big bream on the rock bar at Connors Creek as well as in the snags. Grunter are still coming in and the bigger tides should see some new schools coming into the area over the next week or so. Blue salmon and steel back salmon have been conspicuous by their absence so far, but I suspect will not be far away, expect the first run of blue salmon to be smaller fish followed by the bigger female models later in the year. Still a crab to be had and good size crabs as well. Crab in the deeper holes in winter for more consistent results. The Barra have slowed to walking pace probably due to the water temp only reaching 18 deg they are not as keen when the water cools down and for the guys throwing lures threadfin in the gutters and drains at low tide might be a more productive option. When the water is calm a trip over to Curtis Island is worth a go with some good bream to be had on the rocks at station point as well as the other rocky headlands.

Coorooman Creek
A crown favorite in the winter with good bream and flathead abundant on the sand bars right in front of the boat ramp so not far to travel to catch a feed with some nice bream being caught from the pontoon, run in tide seems the best. Blue salmon will show soon when they are here they are down at Quartz Rock. There are still a few good threadfin salmon being caught up the back of Emu Park Creek at the bottom of the tide as they feed in the drains trying to get the last of the jelly prawn before the tide turns. They can be hard to catch when they are in this mode but a return to the same area when the tide is half in will get better results, the trick then is locating the fish and a good sounder is a must, threadfin will show easily on the side image and that makes them a lot easier to fish. Better to be fishing at fish.

Generally around the traps
Ross Creek is worth a go for whiting , first 2 hours of the run out tide. On the Yeppoon side beach, and good for a flat head on high tide as well as grunter and bream on the high as well, the creek is very shallow and silted up nowadays and when the tide goes out the fish go with it. The rocks around Emu Park are also a good bream spot as is the harbor wall at Rosslyn Bay and the rock point at Double Heads. When fishing for bream off the rocks it’s a good option to get a bit of burley going to let the bream know there is a feed around they will respond if they are in the area and plenty of good bream have come from the rocks in winter. The other option is black jew they are catchable off the rocks at the harbor as well but night time seem to be preferred, big baits are the go either whiting fillets or mullet fillets will do the trick when chasing a big jewie.

This is a good time to get out there and get amongst them and there will be plenty of opportunities too wet a line over the next month or so, so get ready to go and when the weather comes good make the most of it. Offshore there have been plenty of squid around and that is a great way to boost the catch for the day 6 or 7 nice squid in the box makes for a good feed of salt and pepper calamari rings, try the new warm jacket squid jigs as they are deadly on squid.

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