Weekly Report 22 Feb 13

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Weekly Report 22 Feb 13

Post by Brad » Fri Feb 22, 2013 7:01 pm

BlankHowdy all in the boating and fishing world
Wow how this year is zooming for me up at Stanage Bay The Road in is quite rough after the last rain we had as the traffic could still travel over it. There is the usual washouts, so just be sure to take your time and enjoy the scenary and you will be ok. The road was closed again since the last report, however was open at our low tide and the next day it stayed open. The fresh water creeks will be running so if you want to stop and have a barra fish go for it, you will be pleasantly surprised. The Estuary: Still a lot of muddies on the chew, however they are shedding their shell so much this year its hard to find a full one.

The are still love a good fight with each other and because they are cannibals if hungry, make sure you put lots of bait in your pots to keep them happy - it may save a muddy and your pot from being destroyed by our monsters. For the fishers who have been going up the creeks in the low, the are still being kept happy with grunter and fingermark. The barra have was good a week ago however no one has been chasing them this week that i know of. A young fella and his girlfriend were really happy fishing off the beach and caught some whiting and blue salmon. A crew of two caught some nice blue tooth off the rocks near the ramp and quite a few throw backs.

The Reef and islands: Thankyou Brian for sending the pics from your trip on the black diamond...just got to get Cris to follow up with some of his pics. Since my last report until today, no one has been outside fishing, so standby until next report, should be some great pics of our reefies coming in. However in saying this - i just heard the last weather report from our coastguard and it doesnt sound good. Our coastguard needs all the support anyone can give them and they do a great job,
so please bring a little extra money so you can join up as a support member. With 3 boats, motors, trailers, tractors, and vehicle and shed, clubhouse, tools, radios, electronics and training etc, to keep up to date and in good order, we need financial help from the visitors to Stanage. Keep the Coastguard here so they can keep you safe.
Until next time,
take the time to go fishing,
Von from Stanage Bay Marine, Accommodation, Bait n Tackle.

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