UPDATED Weekly Report 15 Sep 11

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UPDATED Weekly Report 15 Sep 11

Post by Brad » Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:45 pm

BlankHowdy all from Stanage
The Road: We went to Rocky and back yesterday in the cruiser ute, neither Tony nor I have any complaints about the road, its the same rules as normal. travel to the conditions, be careful for the cattle n wildlife, there are about three good drains running across the road, mostly marked with council black n yellow stripped signs. Stop before crossing the drains and you will be ace. There is a little bit of small corrigation on the s bend on the northern side of "couti outi" cattle property. Pot Holes, yep there are a few of those to, usually formed just before the grids, and concrete culvert crossings. The Fishing weather has bit really hit n miss, and thats how the fish have been. Once again its the 1980's weather in my opinion. Windy, showery and unpredictable in every sense. The sound (Thirsty Sound our estuary) has still been producing lots of huge bream, salmon and blue tooth along with Muddies, which is, as i said like the 80's.

The Crabbing has still been happening here with huge monster Stanage muddies being caught, however, its off season, so its a challenge to catch one or two. The Accommodation, I have a huge cancellation in the Pacific Villa from 17th Sept to 2nd Oct 2011, if anyone is interested just ring me 49373145, by somebody rebooking, its the only way i can forward the poor guys holding deposit. Apparently the weather is going to be awesome from this saturday, so if you know anyone who wants to experience the "Stanage Feeling" send them up to us. Bookings Essential though. Vons Opinion: I am about the change the name of the business to Stanage Bay Accommodation / Bait / Ice n Tackle - maybe that will help new comers realise all their needs are catered for up here and at city prices. We dont rip anyone off and we specialise in bulk bait, we even deliver to their rental for the easiest convienence to all fishers, no stress.

Travel Guide: for those traveling from the south and you dont want to travel the Stanage Bay dirt road at night, remember, Korawatha Homestead between Miriamvale n Bororan, True Blue Motor Inn north of Rocky and Yaamba Hotel. halfway, between Rocky and Stanage Bay turnoff. They are all places we locals use and they are safe, have good food n beds, and plenty off room for boats and trailers, for breaky try Yaamba fuel stop, the food and service is great AND nice people own and run them all. If you are traveling from the north dont forget you have Marlborough about 30km north of our turn off. There is a caravan park with cabins and resturant and a pub with food and rooms. sorry im not sure of there names yet, or what they are like, just they are safe and have lots of parking space.

Oops 1! A classic, Alf and Bill bought their new boat and couldnt work out why she wouldnt go, when finally a pro. crabber comes along, Kyle, and says It might help if you put the kill switch back in place. Away they went happily fishing for the day - quite red faced for the local duo coastguard bosses of our vhf radio n all.
Oops 2 Jason- for trying to make his land loving cruiser a sea loving cruiser, sorry Jase, to do that you need a prop mate not wheels.
Oops 3 Always remember Tony ! to take spare hydraulic oil and to tighten the screw on the hydraulic stearing pump, Loopy, loo. S.O.S. I have been onto Ausco re; a portable ensuite ammenity - one shower/ one toilet / one hand basin. Apparently the mines have them all leased out in QLD. I urgently need one for the Pacific Oasis, so if you know someone that has one doing nothing and wants to sell it, please let me know. Thanks fellas and gals. Til next time keep happy n fishing cheers Von
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A terrific catch of whiting

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