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Post by Brad » Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:13 pm

Hey Rod and all Adventure Fishers and Travellers,
The roads are all flooded in here, big time. and the rain is still pouring out of the sky. Not sure about anywhere else, we are lucky at this stage, to even have the internet ( satelite ) we have no t.v. ( satelite ) and still have the phone at this stage/ for how long who knows. its absolutely awesome for the fish and crabs in the future. the followup rain from last year and beginning of 2010 can only be really good for the future. ( although its sending me broke now) if you do leave brisbane, PLEASE, PLEASE, phone either us, the pub, or a local before turning onto the stanage bay road from the highway, just for a upto minute report. If you do venture up this way, and need somewhere to stay overnight, try the Yamba Pub, they have good units and awesome night meals ( new owners) and the servo across the road has cheap fuel and good breakfasts. (about 20 minute drive to the south of us, between us n rocky, to our turn off. theres plenty of parking also the true blue motor inn just northof rocky is ace.

Always remember when adventuring on our road to DRIVE TO CONDITIONS, MAKE SURE ALL YOUR MAINTENANCE IS UP TO DATE, (i dont mind if you do a bearing i sell them ok, but the roadside repairs are slow) make sure your camera is ready for Some fantastic pics and dont be in a hurry, Stanage BaY, the place and we are here 365 days a year. Enjoy the adventure ( before the developers and council get hold of our beaut area and stuff it totally, like most places. SO DONT COMPLAIN ' EVER'. ok guys sorry to rave on but, its easier everyone knowing how and where we stand with the road etc.

Thanks Rod for asking before you headed this way, keep in touch. I hope you dont mind, I will forward this onto Fishing Monthly on the net, that way it answers several hundred queries at once. Good luck where ever you are with the weather. cheers n beers, Von ps. some d.h. keeps putting up the road closed sign on Stanage road, usually not true, so please ring.

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