Weekly Report 23 APr 10

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Weekly Report 23 APr 10

Post by Brad » Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:33 pm

Howdy all from Stanage Bay and surrounding islands! Since our last chat we have had good weather and bad weather. The road has beenblocked from the wet and open. It's all good, have a look at my mates pics. Unfortunately when the weather is good I'm out fishing or crabbing, thus no weigh-in pics. on a good note; Im getting better and the villa has been finally renovated, well at least stage one is completed. The oasis is getting a good lick over too. One good thing will be the weigh in boards and scales getting put at both the villa and oasis fish cleaning facilities, then you can weigh in and take your own pics - email them to me - and bingo - within a week or two you and your mates will be able to see them on this site. ( thanks Jeff for all the help you give me) ok everyone, till next time, keep safe and keep those rods bent - unless you are like me a use an Alvey deck winch, or like Tony use a hand line for reef fishing.
cheers Von
Dillon with Spanish (Percy's).jpg
Dillon with Spanish (Percy's)
Cris with Redthroat (Swains).jpg
Cris with Redthroat (Swains)
Cris 14Kg trout (Swains).jpg
Cris 14Kg trout (Swains)
Callum with Trout (Percy's).jpg
Callum with Trout (Percy's)
Callum with monster crab.jpg
Callum with monster crab

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