Weekly Report 17 Mar 10

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Weekly Report 17 Mar 10

Post by Brad » Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:00 pm

I haven't heard of a single fish being caught in the last week, surely someone must have caught something somewhere? Near gale force south-easterlies have whipped Keppel Bay into a muddy rough soup. And now we have a fairly big cyclone hovering out in the Coral Sea maintaining the extreme conditions. So no real prospect of things improving in the near future. Lucky the football season has kicked off is all I can say, even though my tipping hasn't improved at all. Good news though is that there are juvenile barra everywhere as a result of the flooding and recruitment is happening into every little freshwater hole around the place. The near collapse of the adult barra population the Fitzroy system just prior to the flooding will see a temporary reprieve for a couple of years.

We can look forward to these little critters growing up in the lagoons for the next couple of years, then hopefully getting back into the saltwater via another good wet season to replenish the desperate situation. The frustrating thing though, is we can predict what will happen in the river from next year onwards - excessive commercial netting that will rapidly deplete the adult stocks yet again. Surely someone in power can figure out that this can't possible be responsible and sustainable resource management?

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