Weekly Report 28 Jan 10

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Weekly Report 28 Jan 10

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:12 pm

he computer weather forecast for next week is pretty horrible, that is if you were planning to go fishing. If you are needing some rain, then it sounds spot on for you. There is very little to report on the fishing front from the week just gone, because the wind has been incessant. Apparently there are still some quality crabs about though and the big full moon tides usually see them crawling about in search of a feed. There is a bit more freshwater coming down the Fitzroy, due in Rocky early next week, right on time for the annual "barracide" (read opening of the barra season).

Unfortunately a flow in the river all but wipes out any serious recreational fishing for a barra, but will bring out every commercial net within a couple of hundred kilometeres. Modelling based on barra recruitment levels in recent years, suggests there will be lots of fish around just at or below the minimum legal length. Hopefully most of these will squeeze through the nets, but you can never be too sure. There is likely to be a good commercial catch for the first week of the season, then it will crash quite quickly once the fairly small population of legal sized fish are taken.

I suggest that Coorooman Creek will be the best possibility of catching a legal barra on a line. The huge tides will make it extremely difficult to fish through the tides, so I'd be setting myself up just to target the last hour of the run out around the timbers with good live baits. Offshore there are good spanos up north, but getting at them is the problem. Ditto reefies on the bottom up that way too. Finally congratulations to the local magistrate who had the fortitude to convict a band of indigenous blokes who thought they could thumb their noses at the community and use commercial fishing nets. That ruling now allows the Fisheries Officers to book anyone using a commercial net without a licence. We now need the community to be the eyes and ears and report every incident they come across of non-commercial fishers using nets. The Fisheries Officers will be keen to act on this information.

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Re: Weekly Report 28 Jan 10

Post by mel01 » Tue Feb 02, 2010 8:26 pm

yes kim there will be a few nets in the river, no where near the levals of past due to buy backs ect. but the stories of doom and gloom arnt right. as i have heard from a respected source there are a lot of big fish in the upper reaches that will come down with the floods.yes im a pro but i resect the fisherey and dont use the maxamin gear im allowed to use so in the hope a lot of fish get a chance to breed many more times . in the last few months there have been a lot of small barra on the beaches so i hope this flood will give them a chance to go up in the fresh and grow out. cheers mel. forget the politics and go fishing and enjoy.

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