Weekly Report 5 Jan 10

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Weekly Report 5 Jan 10

Post by Brad » Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:37 pm

Happy new year to all!
I wonder what 2010 will bring on the fishing front? 2009 wasn't anything to write home about, so things can only improve - hopefully. On the few brief occasions when people have been able to get offshore lately, some decent fish have come aboard. Out wide the reds have been in reasonable numbers and grunter are schooling up to the north. Spanos have been a bit scarce, but may get better around Flat and Manifold as the summer progresses. The recent rain has caused a good fresh run in Waterpark Creek which has closed things down temporarily, but will fire the prawns to grow quickly. Same goes for Coorooman Creek, but it will bounce back a lot quicker.

One bright spot for the future could be the beach fishing scene, as at the moment there are schools of small dart everywhere. Once they grow up, we should see some fun fishing off the beaches down the track. There is a lot of local fresh running into the Fitzroy River downstream of Rocky, but this can spur King threadfin to hunt upstream, so could be worth a look as the tides drop away after the full moon last week.

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