Weekly Report 30 May 09

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Weekly Report 30 May 09

Post by Brad » Sat May 30, 2009 5:20 pm

At the time of writing this report, things outside look great, but it ain't going to last. A mother of all high pressure systems is building over Tasmania. The inevitable outcome of that is strong to gale force winds along the east coast, so lock your dogs in their kennels. The first official week of winter look like it's going to be horrible. For those who hate cold weather, at least it won't be too bad on that front for you - I think we're going to have to wait a bit longer to experience the first real burst of cold south-westerlies. All that being the likely scenario this week, getting ready for the first state of origin match is probably the best idea.

Last Saturday was a very pleaseant day before the wind hit during the night. A few good quality reefies were taken around the Keppels along with the odd spano or two. I also hear some folks nailed a feed a decent flathead and assorted other estuary species in the creeks. I'm sweating on the weather turning for the better around the full moon so I can go hunting for a snapper. The water temperature around the islands at the moment is sitting just above 22 degrees. It will need to drop close to 20 degrees to excite the snapper in my experience, although I have heard good knobbies have already been taken around Sarina, so go figure.
Go the Maroons!!

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