Weekly Report 16 Mar 09

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Weekly Report 16 Mar 09

Post by Brad » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:46 pm

Hamish has been and gone with no damage fortunately, but also very little rain in these parts. Consequently pretty much no one has been on the water
lately. There are a few reports of crabs here and there and some prawns in Corio Bay, but otherwise a clean slate as you'd expect. Sea conditions are very ordinary and the water is the colour of light mud at the moment. I'd give it at least another week to settle down before thinking of a fish.

That will bring us to the state election on Saturday. Fishing has finally made it on to the election radar, but mainly in south east Qld which is unfortunate for those of living north of Double Island Point. This is where the biggest implications of the flawed inshore changes are going to bite, yet apparently because the election is tipped to be won or lost in SEQ, we hardly rate a mention.

We all know in CQ that the barra population in our beloved Fitzroy River is at a very low level despite the drongos in Fisheries trying to convince us
otherwise. Well we have stumbled on a research report done by internal DPI&F scientists last year on the status barra stocks in the state. The
report states that the data it is based on is very rubbery and can't be relied on, but just the same, they still go on to say that they believe the
barra stocks are "at a dangerously low level". Surprise! Surprise!

Whoever gets in office at this election, can I suggest we keep up the pressure to get something done about the relentless netting pressure in our
river? If we don't keep raising the issue, I assure you nothing will ever by done. We need to buy out netting effort and that is going to take a lot
of money that the government doesn't have. I'd like to think that we (recreational fishers) will be willing to put our hands in our pocket and
contribute to the buyout. Think about it and talk about it with your mates. I don't see any other alternative I'm afraid. And for less than carton of
beer each, we can do this.

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