Weekly Report 17 Feb 09

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Weekly Report 17 Feb 09

Post by Brad » Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:01 am

Von & Tony went on our usual 8 week holidays. The N.T. and W.A. 2008 trip was great. On the way home we called to one of Tony's mates at Baffle Creek, near the township of 1770 or Agnes Water, that's where the excitement began and finished for both of us.

I have always fancied myself a good dirt bike rider and asked could I ride Scotties 125 bike. Result: no more fishing or crabbing for Tony or me for 2008. I ended up (unbeknown to me) in intensive care in the Royal Brisbane Hospital. The Ambo's did a fantastic job in keeping me alive and I thank them so much. I couldn't walk, broke ribs, shoulder blade, jaw, and my left side ( where I once had a boob, thanks to cancer) was and still is not good and my left eye wouldn't open so no sight. I was jibbering lots of garbage which not many people could not understand - luckily. Anyway the good news is, thanks to Tony and a lot of family and friends patience I am doing well. Put it this way if I didn't know I was loved I sure know now. I can walk (no stick) by myself, talk and I have no scars to talk of, I am a lot slower in thinking and doing things and sometimes there is a bit of pain ( not complaining).

Tony has taken me fishing and yep I caught a couple of fish, no bragging though, tomorrow the weather is good so I am going fishing and hope to catch my regular, double hook up of red fish. We have lots of photos of fish weigh ins however can not post them due to leads being buggered, sorry once again. Bear with us and hopefully next time to the big smoke (when the road opens- its closed due to flooding) I will try to get a couple new camera/computer leads.
Until next time keep safe and lines in the water.
Yours in fishing and crabbing
Von- Anne Ireland

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