Weekly Report 10 Oct 08

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Weekly Report 10 Oct 08

Post by Brad » Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:15 pm

It's looking pretty ordinary for the next few days at least. Back to strong SE winds again. It's a bit unusual for this time of year, as we're supposed to be experiencing prologed periods of norftherlies. However, most of last week was really favourable weather, for those who didn't have to work.

Keppel Bay is still very quiet for some reason. I tried around the Keppels last Sunday and caught virtually nothing. I wasn't the only one though. North of Yeppoon there were some decent Spanish makerel landed and the odd big cobia. The water inshore didn't clear up enough for Doggies to come back on the chew, but they are still there just waiting for things to improve. There are lots of bait schools in the bay at the moment, so I expect things to fire once conditions settle down. Around the Keppels there are schools of flying fish that make a magnificant speacle as they lauch themselvs out of the water when spooked by a boat. We even one a big one about 30cm long almost run into the boat, only banking off at the very last moment.

The Fitzroy River is being routinely strained by countless commercial nets again leading up to the barra seasonal closure in three week's time. It's a great shame, because there are good numbers of King threadfin round and any decent barra left after the demolition after the floods this year are also under dire threat. We can only hope a few barra are hiding somewhere and will survive for the next couple of weeks until the Rocky Barra Bounty. The estuaries are giving up some flathead at the moment and the odd grunter. The smelly algae is rafting up offshore as it does this time of year. I imagine it will wash into all the creeks and beaches on the big full moon tides just around the corner - yuk.

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