Weekly Report 10 July 08

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Weekly Report 10 July 08

Post by Brad » Thu Jul 10, 2008 4:50 pm

Winter is back, as if you hadn't noticed.
I'm hoping that will bring the schools of bait inshore. There have been a few cormorants swimming around the beaches this week, so that looks promising. There were some very undersized Spotted mackerel along the coast and some fishers still can't apparently tell the difference between Doggie and Spotties, because CapReef monitoring found that quite a few parties had kept Spotties claiming they thought they were Doggies. Lucky the Fisheries Officers weren't at the boat ramp. There has always been a genuine problem with the ID of smaller mackerel. I believe the new rules due for introduction soon haven't addressed this issue adequately.

For the novice, best way to tell the difference is to lift the dorsal fin and look to see if it has a white and black section towards the front. If it has, it's a Doggie. If the colour is consistent the whole length of the dorsal, it's a Spottie. The patterning of the two fish is quite different, but apparently some people can't discern the difference. Spotties have lots of very well defined black spots over most of their body, while Doggies' markings are more dark splotches than actual round spots. Sometimes Doggies hardly have any blotches at all, but Spotties always have spots. Be careful, because the Fisheries Officers tend not to accept ignorance as an excuse. I haven't heard any reports from offshore, but it has been a bit prickly out past the islands, so perhaps not too many people have ventured too far lately. The Fitzroy River continues to give up some huge bream and the odd threadfin. Flathead went a bit quiet over the dark moon for some reason, but I'd expect to see them fire up early in the week as the tides begin to make towards the next full moon. Whiting are conspicuous by their absence at the moment. A group of blokes fishing Curtis Island for whiting reported the worst 5 day catch in the 37 years they've been going over there. So go figure.

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