Weekly Report 12 Feb 08

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Weekly Report 12 Feb 08

Post by Brad » Tue Feb 12, 2008 6:36 pm

The weather early this week has taken me back 20 years. It's been about that long since we've seen genuine monsoonal rain in this part of the world. In a day and a half, we received no less than about 300-400mm of rain on the Capricorn Coast. Some areas even got more than that. Some local roads have been flooded for the fist time in decades. All this heralds well for the fishery in the medium term. All the sediment in the bay should see a bumper prawn season and the fish should be hot on their tails. During the tiny good weather window prior to the rain, some excellent catches of big reefies were made well offshore. That however was balanced with poor catches closer to the coast.

The commercial netters have been having a field day with barra in and around the Fitzroy River in the tail end of the flood waters. Shame the eating quality of these fish will be very ordinary and consequently the price will be very low - so why are they killing so many right now? Silly question. We have no effective management in this fishery and judging by the ideas expressed by the QFS officers at the public meetings, they have no intention of changing anything in this regard. Who said dinosaurs are extinct? I would write off the estuaries this weekend for sure. There is simply too much freshwater in all systems at the moment. Even the prawns will have been washed out I reckon. The Causeway disappointed most last weekend on the big run-throughs, but word has it that our indigenous friends have been netting the guts out of the place, so no surprise there is very little left in this enclosed system. Given this is a whiteman-made system, I wonder if we can get it declared a sacred site for us? Seems about the only chance we've got of saving something in the place.

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