Weekly Report 24 Jan 08

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Weekly Report 24 Jan 08

Post by Brad » Thu Jan 24, 2008 4:29 pm

The prime topic of conversation around here at the moment is how much water is coming down the Fitzroy River. It looks like Rocky will get a fairly large flood early next week. That will have a large impact on fishing in the local area. Initially fishing will be pretty hard yakka by virtue of the dirty water resulting from the sediment, but a draft report being prepared by Dr John Platten comparing fish catches with flood events over many years, is showing an amazing correlation of top fishing in years where there have been big floods. So once the flood peak passes, we can confidently expect a bumper season, especially along the coast in in nearshore waters.

Still on the flooding, it is anticiated that small barra spawned a few months ago will be making their way upstream looking for lagoons and creeks to settle in. Hopefully the spawning was successful (no way of telling yet) and we will see juvenile barra back in places they haven't been for nearly ten years. If this is the case, the next few years will see barra numbers increase dramatically around this area as the juveniles grow and re-enter the saltwater. The forecast for the coming weekend isn't great. More strong winds and showers by the look of it. So creek fishing my be the best bet. Try Coorooman and Waterpark (downstream) for a feed of whiting and grunter. The prawns should be growing fast, so keep tabs on them too.
I think I might watch the cricket though.

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