Weekly Report 19 Dec 07

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Weekly Report 19 Dec 07

Post by Brad » Wed Dec 19, 2007 7:17 pm

The silly season is upon us - enjoy.
What can we look forward to over the break on the fish-front?
First off, there is a full moon on Christmas Eve. That means very big day tides. That will mitigate against overly productive reef fishing for a few days because of the strong currents. However if the weather is kind, it could herald a few Spanos around the wider islands and to the north. It's also approaching that time of year when Lisa Jane fires up. Definitely worth the run down.

Some of our beaches fish OK for whiting around the top of the tide, so that could be a good family option too. Normally there should be dart in the surf, but lately I haven't been able to find too many for some reason. Those hoping to get a stock of crabs for Christmas lunch have been going it tough. They, the crabs, have been very few and far between. although the barrage gates on the Fitzroy River have been open, so maybe that will fire things up a bit downstream?

All reports I've had from Corio and Waterpark Creek is that it's been deathly quiet lately. I haven't heard much from Coorooman Creek, but it
is likely to be fairly quiet too. We can only hope that the big tides over the moon stir things up and fishing will improve once they get back to normal next week. I wish everyone a happy, safe and fishy holiday break and we'll do it all again in 2008.

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